We have certified writers who are experts in researching and reviewing products. Here are the core team members of uvala-strunac:

Lucas Miller – Founder

Lucas Miller is a serial entrepreneur who has 7 startups to his credit and he is only 29 years old. All his startups have performed exceedingly well yet he has chosen to dedicate his full time to He feels that society and consumers should benefit from the startups as well rather than it being otherwise all the time.

Lucas is involved and day to day management as well as big picture planning for uvala-strunac. He says this startup is closest to him as this was the one startup that earned him praise from his aged grandmother, primary school teacher, and a friendly neighbor, all of whom are very close to him.

He believes that uvala-strunac as a platform has immense potential, it only needs to be unlocked by the team of founders and writers. He works closely with the writing team to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that everyone gets a chance to contribute int the growth of the company.

Amelia Brown – Writer

In the ably the entire content writing community, Amelia Brown is probably the only one who has remained with the company that hired her straight out of Stanford College. Though very young, even at 27 she has managed to contribute extensively to the growth of not only through her writing skill but also through her vision which the founders much appreciate in her.

She is successfully implementing her latest writing strategy at uvala-strunac whereby all writers go through an extensive 5-month program and are educated towards all kinds of technology, devices, and writing skills. She herself designed this course and the founders have made it mandatory for all the freshers at the company to undergo it as a training module.

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